Stockport England
Hometown of Joy & Darren
Owners of The British Basket



The British Basket, owned and operated by Darren & Joy Worswick.


Darren and I, are both from Stockport Cheshire UK, we moved to Canada in 2008, after falling in love with the Country back in the early 90's. In 1994 we originally looked in to moving over, but then a great opportunity for Darren's work took us down to London (UK) for 16 years. Placing Canada on hold whilst Darren's work thrived in London to owning 3 successful Telecommunications Businesses, by far the right choice for us at this time. Then during 2004 and after showing our daughters our Canadian Vacation videos, we started the ball rolling, and here we are today, a long time in the making!


After arriving and settling in Canada, we had all kinds of ideas for starting our own business, with Darren’s previous experience even Tim's was on the list at one point. We were considering a Boarding Kennels until an opportunity came up in Guelph to open our own British Store, perfect as I'd previously worked in a British Store and already knew the Guelph customer base. My priors include many years in UK Retail, Supermarkets and B&Q, I've always loved the customer interaction, including my many years as civil servant helping pensioners and disability customers. I pride myself in helping people and will do my best to find what you are looking for.


Welcome to The British Basket.


All the best,


We aim to provide the community of Guelph & surrounding area with more British choices and service than ever before